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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 tips to care for indoor plants

Carry a piece of nature into our home involves some care. If you have houseplants need to follow some recommendations. So here you have 5 tips on caring for indoor plants and enjoy a healthy and comforting.

Keys to keeping your plants healthy

Choosing the right plants

Determine what are the best indoor plants is the first step. The division between indoor and outdoor plants is not real. The plants grow outdoors, but there are certain species that are better suited than others to indoor.

An example of a plant that easily adapts to the interior is the zamioculca. This is a high resistance ground ,Because it supports long periods without irrigation and it can stay healthy in low light conditions.

Place potted plants appropriate

While you can decorate your home with plants, when choosing pots not only is good to consider aesthetic issues, but the material they are made.

Ceramic pots can be very heavy, which is not convenient to place them directly on plants. It should be left in the original plastic pots and put them into ceramics. So it will be easier to keep the plants outside to get sun and water.



Proper lighting

Indoor plants tend to be preserved in good condition despite the light conditions are not optimal. However, it is desirable to take care of the plants according to the degree of sunlight they need.

If your houseplants have dark leaves and long, sure to be more tolerant of low light. This ratio is a good reason to have some dracenas at home if space is not very bright.

In contrast, tropical plants or subtropical as Calateas but do not need much direct sunlight, required bright spaces with large windows.

Watering of plants

Undoubtedly, this is the most obvious care for the plants. Since we do not receive water directly from the outside environment via rain or moisture of the soil itself, must water the plants regularly

For proper irrigation, should you have in mind the seasons. In warmer seasons, you should water them once or twice a week. In autumn and winter, you can do every 15 days.

Protect plants from insects


It is possible to believe that indoor plants are more protected than those outdoors. However, insects and fungi do not make too many distinctions, and enough to neglect your plants for a few days you encounter surprises.

The aphids are the most common insects and harmful to your plants. Be distinguished fairly easily, so you should not take too many preventive actions. However, in garden stores you can find some chemicals to avoid any risk.

Similarly you should be aware of the dark spots on the leaves of plants: may indicate the presence of sooty mold or other fungi that cause plant damage.

Keep your healthy plants in an apartment or a house with a garden should not be a problem. If you pay attention to these tips and spend a little time, you have resistant plants and healthy regardless of the environment.
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