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Monday, July 2, 2012

Tips to renew the floor using paint


When renovating, always analyze the cost and time that this will entail. Especially when it comes to changing the tiles or floors of any room in the house, a good solution when renewing the floor is to use paint.

Test paint the floor, the painting believe it or not completely change the environment To do this you must choose, whichever is appropriate, especially for this type of surface, very elastic. If your floors are wood, serve and fit very well the polyurethane, the same strength as the varnish and applied to any floor parquet.

If your floor is cement, when properly sanded and lightly polished, apply as many coats of paint as it absorbs synthetic. On the contrary if your floors are tile, you should use a primer coat before sealing epoxy paint esmaltarlo concerned.

A good option when renewing any of our rooms for you to consider.

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