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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ideas for spacious interior decorating

Spacious Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we bring you a set of councils and Ideas for spacious interior decorating. These The rooms are very spacious Although many are yearning for, can also make a big nightmare when planning your design and the provision of various furniture and decorative accessories integrate it.

Spacious Interior Decoration

An excellent idea for spacious interior decorating Modern shelving is implemented as a divide the environment into two or more parts. In this way we can concentrate on decorate each of the spaces, without having to be worrying both for the whole, but for each of the parties, making the task easier.

Spacious Interior Decoration

To finish, we shared two toilets well broad. Many wonder what is the point of having a large bathroomIn these two pictures you can see how beautiful it can get to be this space must in any home.

You see, if the environment this is wide and floor and wall colors are clear, ideal for the decoration not see empty, used furniture and Bathroom Accessories in dark tones. At first glance, they will make the site look smaller than it actually is, but not take away the comfort that only gets to have a environment so spacious.

Already happening to the other end, we find in this last image, a bath súmamente wide, Which have been available until one indoor pool, A luxury and a taste of elegance.

Spacious Interior Decoration

Furniture to hide the TV when not in use

Some furniture let you remove the TV from view, so that if it is used multiple variants can be incorporated in the design of the room

There furniture which enable the TV be hidden by simply closing doors or move a panel. This resource opens many ways to enjoy the room. This article details these new possibilities, handmade furniture to hide the TV and modern options that allow you to hide the device by using a remote control.

Hidden televisions, new possibilities

Old TVs tube, they were in almost every home for decades occupied a fairly wide area, and required considerable space to the site where they were placed. In addition, as the provision of all other furniture was oriented towards the screen, was pre-eminent place in the Salon Style.

Today things have changed. In most households, thin TVs and plasma technologies, LCD or LED-have replaced or are about to, the old equipment, and this change has also represented new possibilities when it comes to the decor.

There furniture specially prepared with sliding doors that allow you to hide the TV when you want, whether it is off, either because no one is looking and I want to use just for music. This variant allows the screen to remove the heart of place room design as to remain hidden is as if not. The design possibilities are multiplied.

They are available at stores storage units with sliding doors that allow, with a sliding cover the appliance. The variety is wide, there are both size-large furniture, with shelves and shelves, and smaller, to fit the dimensions of the TV-like colors, finishes and style. They can also be, of course, antique furniture, the dimensions are adequate for this purpose. It is thus possible to build a real media center With audio equipment, DVD player or Blu-ray, game consoles, etc. On many occasions, including furniture glass doors equipped with attractive designs that do not generate problems in signal remotes.

TVs with handcrafted furniture hidden

If you need a cabinet of these features but with a particular style, classic lines, rustic, Etc. - You can choose to order in a carpentry shop making custom one or adaptation to some with the already tell.

As this is a large area, it is desirable to introduce designs or metallized light shades for doors have the function of caps, Since if they are dark may generate a feeling of reducing space. Depending on the style of the rest of the room, one could think of a mirror to the sliding door.

It is necessary to consider two basic security measures when installing this type of furniture. The first is to check that the door mechanisms allow sliding smoothly, without this quality subtract hardware. Otherwise, it will use-intensive, could wear them soon and generate an extra cost for repair. The second is to anchor the modular wall taller than 75 inches, to prevent falls. To do this, make sure you also use the appropriate screws and plugs.

Hide the TV with a remote control

Supports are fitted with a device mechanical arms through which to remove the TV from the visual field, rather than hide it, it moves to left stored inside a cabinet or behind the ceiling of the room. It also allows placement in different places, change your position, viewing angle, etc.. And there are frames that when you do not want to watch TV, turn the screen in a box or in a mirror. All these mechanisms are activated via a remote control.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pictures of luxury homes


The luxury homes are the most famous and richest are the owners. The defining characteristics vary from country to country, but usually have to do with the location. Usually found in the best areas of the city, with the best views and peace of mind. Commonly have large surrounding schools, golf courses and tennis and the most expensive restaurants. Anyway what defines a Luxury house or mansion is its immense size, the number of rooms they have, the valued objects that adorn luxury, privacy and possessing high security and large gardens and large swimming pools that occupy their land.

They must have heard that location is the most important in the purchase and sale of luxury homes because it is to be a place where tranquility, peace and quiet but do not have to travel 40 minutes to buy anything. The size varies greatly because there are countries where a luxury home is 1000 square meters ,But there are other places, like Japan, where space is tight, a house of 100 square meters is impossible to get and costs more than $ 1 million.
Would you like to see some examples and pictures of these luxury homes? Here we leave some of them for you pleasure.

These mansions that I will show below are located all over the world, Italy, Spain and the United States included. And the decor is very varied.


Which do you get one? What is the house of your dreams? Do you want to continue to see more images of these luxurious homes? Just follow the link and enjoy them.


Images of facades of luxury homes

Images of facades of luxury homes

The creative architectural and decorative has generated a wide range of types of facades that the wealthy do not waste time in getting to your own home. The Victorian style, minimalist, rustic and Mediterranean have been versioned for satisfy the desires of affluence. Here we show in images of facades of luxury homes that undoubtedly surprise you. 

The luxury homes are first and fundamental condition to occupy a large space. Forget the floor of 50 m2 and think in a mansion of 500 m2. Of course, it is not easy to develop a façade that responds to the wide expanse style that is built around the building. Here are images of facades of luxury homes to admire

Besides having become a must for the rich and famous, luxury homes can be purchased by many people simply find the right opportunity. Different companies develop advisory systems to luxury home buyers looking for the product that fits the budget. 

To begin to dream a future walking on marble floors and stroking the ebony furniture, do not miss these fabulous images of facades of luxury homes.
 Images of facades of luxury homes
Images of facades of luxury homes
Images of facades of luxury homes
Images of facades of luxury homes
Images of facades of luxury homes
Images of facades of luxury homes


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ideas for decorating with photos


If there is something that never fails in any home are photographs, Either because you are a lover of many colors and pictures, or just like having family photos adorning your home. So today in Total Household, We will give some ideas for decorating with photos, And so you can display your favorite moments while adorn any room in the house.

You can use any type of Photos, What you should try is to group them by type (black and white, color, sepia) and/or the type of images (family pictures, landscapes, etc..). This will help you determine how to place them and what room you would like to have them. For example, with the Lisa Bengtsson designs ,The pet lovers and have some home decorating ideas.

Decorating with photos


ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-3.jpgThis is the easiest way decorating with photosYou can buy frames that fit the style of decoration and place them on several key points of the house. You can also opt to make your own decorative frames, So you have an original design. The materials used are wood (popsicle sticks, twigs), paper mache, clay, mirrors, and other material that you see fit and easy to handle for a picture frame. There are various ways to decorating with framesYou can place several of various sizes to decorate a wall, or opt for a large frame that stands somewhere in the room.

Mobile with photos:

ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-4.jpgAn original way decorating with photos is doing a mobile. You should only use string or ribbon and hang the pictures (for this I'll make a small hole to pass the cord). You can use a branch or stick as a base coat hanger for hanging cords. Try that are of different lengths so that you can appreciate all the photos.


Figures with photos:

ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-5.jpgFor decorate the room of the young you can choose to make a figure with photos. To begin, you must draw on the wall you want to figure (circle, star, etc..) And fill it with photos. Chances are that you should cut Photos going around the edges to fit the figure. You can also do the drawing on cardboard and glue the pictures, and then transfer it to the wall.


Decorate objects:

ideas-for-decorating-with-pictures-6.jpgNot only can decorate a room with photosYou can also use them to decorate any everyday object. Paste some pictures in jars and boxes and watch any decor changes in seconds. You can combine the decorating with photos with the advice that we give in three styles to decorate the living and thus achieve a friendly room where rest.

Which of these decorating ideas you would use in your home?

How to choose wallpaper?

Should look at the symbols on the back because they provide information on the coating

wallpaper-artFor decades, the wallpaper was the reference coating to decorate the walls in many of the homes. Now this element has emerged as a trend, although the choice of materials and the variety of placement techniques differ from the primitive. Therefore, before purchasing a wallpaper, not just look at the design, it is necessary to consider other aspects.

Types of paper

The range of wallpapers is extensive. There are a wide variety of textures, colors and designs that fall into three basic categories:
  • Embossing. It is the most traditional. It consists of a single layer of paper on which the print or record design. In general, it is placed cellulose glue is applied on the coating and has a moderate resistance to light. It is an appropriate role for decorating bedrooms or rooms that do not suffer too much traffic.
  • Flocking. They are embossed papers. Some imitate the texture of velvet and suede, while others are covered with cork or foils. Are thicker and hold up better over time. Flocked papers are suitable for any space.
  • Vinyl. Are coated with a layer of vinyl printed. This plastic makes them a durable and waterproof wallpaper. Another novelty is that most of the papers are marketed preencolados vinyl. For placement, simply wet the back. By resisting contact with the waterAre suitable for coating the walls of kitchens and bathrooms.
Coating characteristics

At the time of choosing the wallpaper, and select the design or pattern should focus on the characteristics of the coating. In the back of the paper are different symbols that provide all the information needed to describe their main attributes. NF legislation regulates and ensures the reliability of the particular specified.
Vinyl papers are preencolados, simply wet the back to place
The parameters measured are the strength of the paper to light, with a scale ranging from "satisfactory" to "excellent" mode remove the coating (dry, wet or peelable) how to apply the adhesive which establishes the role (on the coating applied to the surface or pre-glued) and the type of union that requires placement of the sheets of paper. This can be free, straight, strips sauteed or reverse.

How do you clean?

Another symbol that is printed on the coating specifies whether or not it is possible to wash the paper and how to do. The most common categories are "washable" and "washable and can be brushed". In the former case, the lining supports the stains are removed with a cloth dampened with soapy water, although it is useful to know that fat is indelible and permanent if not treated early. These spots must be cleaned immediately and not to postpone the task.

A paper "washable and can be brushed" indicates that it is possible to clean water-based stains that are placed near radiators and windows with a soft brush and a mild detergent, without altering the pattern or color of paper .

Decorate the walls with synthetic textiles

Coatings "nonwoven" are easier to install than wallpaper and its resistance to external agents is greater

There are murals and fabrics wallpaper. The coatings of type "nonwoven" are made from synthetic textiles such as polypropylene and polyester. Home decorating walls through a network of fibers which, instead of woven are joined by mechanical, thermal or chemical. Compared with textile and wallpaper, the main advantages of the "non-woven" are simpler placement, a high resistance to external agents (water, stains, light ...) and how easily retire Dry.


Unlike classical wallpapers, which require glue to place the coating on the installation of the "non-woven" glue is applied on the wall. It makes it easier because the process is suppressed collage of the sheets and the waiting time until the adhesive penetrates into the paper. The "non-woven" coatings are very stable. Its shape and dimensions hardly vary when contact tail. This feature reduces the errors that result from a miscalculation of the spaces.

To attach "nonwoven" glue is applied on the wall
It is a material with high mechanical strength, superior to the paper, but at the same time, the density and weight are low. It is essential to properly prepare the stand, because if the tone is very light coating is likely to show through the defects Wall. This is prevented by sealing holes and chips, then any irregularities in the surface polish.


Advance planning ensures optimum finish. First, you have to draw vertical lines with a plumb line to mark the exact position of the strips in the wall. Then glue the parts of the wall as the sheets are placed. It is recommended to begin upper adhere "nonwoven" and continue downwards.

To strengthen the grip of the strips, you must press the surface with a wallpaper brush. If this step is detected bubbles or wrinkles, withdraw completely tender. The consistency of the glue can rectify and correct the incorrect positions of the strips.

Special queue

The "non-woven" stick to the wall with a specific queue. Methylcellulose is an adhesive reinforced with various resins. Some products have in their composition with fungicide to prevent mold or mildew from forming in the specifications or in the media itself.

It is essential to use this type of glue, as it facilitates the process of peeling the dry coating. Its most common form is the granulate. For its development, we must pour the powder in water and mix continuously until thickened. We recommend leaving the mixture to stand for 30 minutes before using.

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