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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Decorate the walls with synthetic textiles

Coatings "nonwoven" are easier to install than wallpaper and its resistance to external agents is greater

There are murals and fabrics wallpaper. The coatings of type "nonwoven" are made from synthetic textiles such as polypropylene and polyester. Home decorating walls through a network of fibers which, instead of woven are joined by mechanical, thermal or chemical. Compared with textile and wallpaper, the main advantages of the "non-woven" are simpler placement, a high resistance to external agents (water, stains, light ...) and how easily retire Dry.


Unlike classical wallpapers, which require glue to place the coating on the installation of the "non-woven" glue is applied on the wall. It makes it easier because the process is suppressed collage of the sheets and the waiting time until the adhesive penetrates into the paper. The "non-woven" coatings are very stable. Its shape and dimensions hardly vary when contact tail. This feature reduces the errors that result from a miscalculation of the spaces.

To attach "nonwoven" glue is applied on the wall
It is a material with high mechanical strength, superior to the paper, but at the same time, the density and weight are low. It is essential to properly prepare the stand, because if the tone is very light coating is likely to show through the defects Wall. This is prevented by sealing holes and chips, then any irregularities in the surface polish.


Advance planning ensures optimum finish. First, you have to draw vertical lines with a plumb line to mark the exact position of the strips in the wall. Then glue the parts of the wall as the sheets are placed. It is recommended to begin upper adhere "nonwoven" and continue downwards.

To strengthen the grip of the strips, you must press the surface with a wallpaper brush. If this step is detected bubbles or wrinkles, withdraw completely tender. The consistency of the glue can rectify and correct the incorrect positions of the strips.

Special queue

The "non-woven" stick to the wall with a specific queue. Methylcellulose is an adhesive reinforced with various resins. Some products have in their composition with fungicide to prevent mold or mildew from forming in the specifications or in the media itself.

It is essential to use this type of glue, as it facilitates the process of peeling the dry coating. Its most common form is the granulate. For its development, we must pour the powder in water and mix continuously until thickened. We recommend leaving the mixture to stand for 30 minutes before using.
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