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Friday, August 31, 2012

Furniture to hide the TV when not in use

Some furniture let you remove the TV from view, so that if it is used multiple variants can be incorporated in the design of the room

There furniture which enable the TV be hidden by simply closing doors or move a panel. This resource opens many ways to enjoy the room. This article details these new possibilities, handmade furniture to hide the TV and modern options that allow you to hide the device by using a remote control.

Hidden televisions, new possibilities

Old TVs tube, they were in almost every home for decades occupied a fairly wide area, and required considerable space to the site where they were placed. In addition, as the provision of all other furniture was oriented towards the screen, was pre-eminent place in the Salon Style.

Today things have changed. In most households, thin TVs and plasma technologies, LCD or LED-have replaced or are about to, the old equipment, and this change has also represented new possibilities when it comes to the decor.

There furniture specially prepared with sliding doors that allow you to hide the TV when you want, whether it is off, either because no one is looking and I want to use just for music. This variant allows the screen to remove the heart of place room design as to remain hidden is as if not. The design possibilities are multiplied.

They are available at stores storage units with sliding doors that allow, with a sliding cover the appliance. The variety is wide, there are both size-large furniture, with shelves and shelves, and smaller, to fit the dimensions of the TV-like colors, finishes and style. They can also be, of course, antique furniture, the dimensions are adequate for this purpose. It is thus possible to build a real media center With audio equipment, DVD player or Blu-ray, game consoles, etc. On many occasions, including furniture glass doors equipped with attractive designs that do not generate problems in signal remotes.

TVs with handcrafted furniture hidden

If you need a cabinet of these features but with a particular style, classic lines, rustic, Etc. - You can choose to order in a carpentry shop making custom one or adaptation to some with the already tell.

As this is a large area, it is desirable to introduce designs or metallized light shades for doors have the function of caps, Since if they are dark may generate a feeling of reducing space. Depending on the style of the rest of the room, one could think of a mirror to the sliding door.

It is necessary to consider two basic security measures when installing this type of furniture. The first is to check that the door mechanisms allow sliding smoothly, without this quality subtract hardware. Otherwise, it will use-intensive, could wear them soon and generate an extra cost for repair. The second is to anchor the modular wall taller than 75 inches, to prevent falls. To do this, make sure you also use the appropriate screws and plugs.

Hide the TV with a remote control

Supports are fitted with a device mechanical arms through which to remove the TV from the visual field, rather than hide it, it moves to left stored inside a cabinet or behind the ceiling of the room. It also allows placement in different places, change your position, viewing angle, etc.. And there are frames that when you do not want to watch TV, turn the screen in a box or in a mirror. All these mechanisms are activated via a remote control.
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