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Monday, May 7, 2012

Kitchens in black and white: an attractive alternative

Moderna cocina blanco y negro
Black and white modern kitchen

As we always say, we like to bring original ideas and practices that can apply in your home decor ,Today we will continue decorating the kitchen This time, with two shades together are a total success.

If two colors considered as these are total opposites black and white, Imagine how they combine to give life to the decorating your kitchen. Currently, there are several trends as far as shades for interior decoration concerned. One is the black and white ,And today we'll give you some suggestions for applying both colors in the kitchen.

Original black and white kitchen
Original black and white kitchen

When we talk about black and white decor in your kitchen ,We are not referring simply to the walls of that space, but in all the elements that are part of the decorative composition, this implies: furniture, appliances, accessories and of course walls also

We therefore believe that the kitchen is presented as an ideal environment for different color combinations in this case, we chose the target and black.

Black and white in the kitchen
Black and white in the kitchen

We chose the black and white for the kitchen, Since it is interesting to note how attractive it may be the duo of white and black in an area as versatile as the kitchen. These two colors will provide an air minimalist and avant-gardeUndoubtedly, this is a modern bet that even many prominent designers have incorporated in their newest collections. It's a trend that is on top and you can also appeal simply.
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