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Friday, May 11, 2012

Modern Interior decorating of a duplex

Modern Interiors

Dear lovers modern interior. Today we meet again to present a beautiful duplex known for their particular innovative design and contemporary.

As we see in the photographs, the spaces are small but very comfortable. First we find a living-study where we have modern red chairs with aluminum legs on wooden floating floors and a library within which also features an art TV. The interior design is simple and also has a loveseat in black leather on a soft gray carpet that blends seamlessly into this environment.

The following image is a view of the dining kitchen. It features a wooden board game painted black and white chairs very modern and comfortable and stands out from the interior decoration, Floral arrangements, fruit and innovative hanging lamps.

Modern Interiors

Then we find a picture of the kitchen with very modern aluminum furniture and a very original counter and delicate plant. We also found a series of black stools very comfortable. It highlights the interior design this environment, the combination of modern furniture with wood windows that provide a unique view of the forest, giving freshness and nature indoors.

Modern Interiors

Finally we have a small picture of the toilet, highlighting gray colors combined with the wood of the windows and the surrounding forest. The interior design is simple but very modern and has a shower surrounded by a delicate glass screen and a bathtub where relax after a long day.

Modern Interiors
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