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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Interior decoration of modern studies

Interior Design of Modern Studies

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some innovative ideas on interior decoration of modern studies. A personal space, lonely, Home Office where do our jobs, studies or just have a private space.

In the first of the photographs have a Classic room combining ancient architecture, High ceilings and heavy curtains and elegant with a modern desk set in white. It features a beautiful carpet in the same tone, ideal for our shoes on this site personal and unique.

Interior Design of Modern Studies

Secondly we have a sober office of Classic Design. The colors are muted and the room is fully carpeted, detail characteristic of the classic decor. Leather chairs with wheels, dark wood furniture and few objects decoration, Makes this environment in a office work but with the comfort of being at home to see a beautiful landscape through the windows.

Thirdly we have a Study Design more homey. With room for two people, modern chairs in warm colors and bright. We found more objects decoration as tables, pictures, ornaments, books and plants, allowing us to get closer to the interior decoration the rest of the house.

Interior Design of Modern Studies

Then we present a youthful and modern style. A Home Office white wood floors very warm, very comfortable chairs and furniture contemporary design.

Interior Design of Modern Studies

Finally we enjoyed this study noted for its warm and sensitive style. Wooden furniture, perfect order and a few objects decoration such as vases and plants, provide the details right for this interior design ideal to have their own space, elegant, comfortable and well designed.

Interior Design of Modern Studies
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