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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Classical and Harmonious Interior decorating

Classic Interior Decoration

If classical interior concerned, the images accompanying this post are a clear example of what anyone who wants such an environment in your home, or should follow.

As you can see, this style of decoration is based on creating a welcoming atmosphere and very warm, without resorting to large amounts of furniture much less decorative accessories. The key is to manage the space and light.

In the first image of this post we found a living room or room truly beautiful. A large window with a beautiful set of chairs, shows that the interior design can be flashy without resorting to many Luxury accessories as we saw so many times in the blog.

Classic Interior Decoration

The second image reveals the simplicity of dining room. Almost as an extension of the room, We find this space so finely decorated. To cut the monotony of white walls, has opted for a burgundy band accompanying the table width. This is a detail of interior decoration quite striking and in many instances we have recommended here on the blog to our readers.

Classic Interior Decoration

Finally we can enjoy a modern kitchen in slope. Perhaps access to the living room or the dining room from the living space is somewhat uncomfortable due to the stairs, but it certainly is one of the most striking aspects in this interior design classic.

Classic Interior Decoration
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