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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paper roses map

roses with leaves

Want to make a paper flowers really original? You can make a paper roses map! These roses can be used as clip hair or other accessory.

It's a very creative idea, and if you have a map of a tourist site that you can not use, you can give a new use. I do not recommend it while you're a tourist!


  • A map that you will not use
  • Glue
  • A stick or a pencil

Step by step:

roses with leaves

Need to cut several sheets with the form shown in the picture. Make several and different sizes. These are the petals of the rose.

roses with leaves

Take a toothpick or a pencil and curl the edges of the petals.
The sides will be screwed inwards and the upper and lower outward as in the image.

map sheets roses 3.jpg

Take the petals smaller and give way to the center of the rose. With a glue gun or glue down the center. Add increasingly larger petals around.

roses with map sheets 4.jpg

Charts! What we say about these flowers?
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