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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Modern Interior decoration bedroom

Bedroom Decorating Modern Marriage

Dear lovers modern interior. Today we meet again to present some examples of double bedroom decor innovative and contemporary.

As we see in the first of the images, we have a warm bedroom suite. It highlights the dim lighting, flooring latte color, art bed with a straight structure, modern, open spaces, few objects decoration very original and a seat at the foot of the bed where the shoes fit comfortably.

Bedroom Decorating Modern Marriage

Secondly we have a sober bedroom and smaller dimensions. The bed is Classic Design but very comfortable and stands lining the wall and a soft light brown carpet.

In the third of the photographs have a classic decor for a beautiful warm bedroom and comfortable. It highlights the small room, filled with objects decoration and lots of pillows of different sizes and shapes that are found on the bed. The Classic Design always brings elegance and good taste. It is remarkable design of the tables, the original use of plants as objects of decoration in the bedroom and a great loveseat at the foot of the bed, as an innovative alternative to dress, put on shoes or read a book before going to sleep more comfortably.

Bedroom Decorating Modern Marriage

Then we have a modern bedroom suite. Highlight the absence of carpets and the use of floating wooden flooring, A new alternative, convenient and delicate to take our stories. The lighting is warm, highlights the absence of doors and windows and the presence of a small library in which we also find a modern-art TV.

Bedroom Decorating Modern Marriage

Finally we have a bedroom sober and modern design. It highlights the rectangular architecture of the environment, the large windows covered by curtains beautiful tulle and the use of muted colors and neutrals. More at the back of the room stands a small desk and include the use of shelves and glass tables as objects interior decoration elegant and modern.

Bedroom Decorating Modern Marriage
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