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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Modern and Tasteful Interior decorating

Modern Interiors

Dear readers and lovers interior decoration ,After a short vacation, today we bring you one of the modern designs most striking we have seen in recent times in our Blog decoration. This is a beautiful apartment in the city of Moscow, and the work we see in images was carried out by Alexey Nicolashin, a famous designer that area.

By entering this luxury apartment, we find a interior design striking, fresh and modern. We can see from the pictures of living the good taste with which has been decorated every corner of it. Everything is functional in this beautiful design. We find a large TV LED embedded in one of the Modern furniture, Which causes the same part of the interior decoration of the room.

Modern Interiors

The kitchen has modern, follows the line of the room to use the same hardwood floors, Which are coated with a film that prevents accidentally stained or scratched. The kitchen furniture in white, contrasting with the black of the sidewalks, adds a special touch to a modern interior and striking.

In the interior design we find again the bedroom hardwood floors, but these are accompanied by beautiful stones like as in the living room, below the cabinet that holds the LED monitor. This fantastic detail in the decorationCuts the monotony of the environment, and giving a beautiful view from the bed.

Modern Interiors
Modern Interiors
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