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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Decoration and interior design by orange color

Interior Decorating Orange

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some ideas interior decoration using a cheerful color, intense and modern, as the orange.

We have different ways to customize our interior design using this color in accessories decoration, Flooring, furniture or walls of the rooms or coatings.
As we see in the pictures, we can decorate from the bathrooms to the bedrooms and provide a unique style to our contemporary interior.

In the first of the photographs, we see a very lively and innovative cuisine in orange. Are highlighted with this color intense and bright, the kitchen cabinets, some objects decoration, The very modern plastic benches and even a small television on the counter. No doubt, a dream kitchen for illuminating our surroundings and customize our designs.

Then we have a bedroom, where stands the bedspread in orange intense, painting the walls and a modern plastic pendant lamp. We can see that orange is used in most cases in contrast with the white color and in some cases also with black.

In the next picture we have a beautiful living room modern design and large windows that provide a unique view of the outdoors and a good light. Highlights some chairs in bright orange, very modern, ideal for entertaining many guests and design very elegant and elaborate.

Interior Decorating Orange

Finally we have a toilet, finely decorated with this colorful jolly and innovative. The coating of the floors and decorative flowers on the ceramic walls, are noted for their orange bright and flashy.
Undoubtedly, a new alternative to give life and design to our homes.

Interior Decorating Orange

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