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Monday, April 30, 2012

Basic Tips for soundproofing your home.

Do you have noisy neighbors? Can you hear the upstairs tenants? Do you live near an airport? If so, then the noise at home can drive you crazy! Before thinking of moving to a quieter place, examines ways to make your own home a more peaceful place. Although the soundproofing may sound like a big task, there are actually some very simple things you can do to keep the noise outside your home. Here are some basic tips for soundproofing your home.

Soundproof your home

Before soundproof your home is important to understand some things about the sound itself. The sound is composed of low frequency waves, similar to radio waves. These waves travel in all directions from the source of the sound and kept traveling until they get some form of resistance, like a wall or sofa. Sound waves can also bounce off these elements, creating reverberation in space. Then there are some things you can do, either from the decoration or making any reform.

Soundproof your home

There are three things you can do to reduce the noise traveling through other rooms in your home:

Soundproof your home

  • Making Room: The more open is the space in a room, more space has to follow the sound. As it travels, the sound waves become less powerful and the sound becomes less strong.
  • Create mass: heavy objects such as stone walls, help absorb sound.
  • Stop the vibrations of sound: If you stop the vibration of sound within a room, this will help to dampen the sound waves and reduce noise. Furniture, carpets and other soft materials help dampen these vibrations.
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