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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interior design of a modern apartment

Modern Interior Decorating

Dear readers and followers of the latest trends in modern interior ,Today we present the interior design of a luxury apartment. The beautiful surroundings of the same have been finely decorated and keep a innovative design and daring, we invite you to admire the images accompanying this post.

For starters, the interior decoration of this apartment, Has played a lot with colors and shades of brown. To cut the monotony that would present the white in the modern design This luxury home has been chosen to incorporate walls and furniture in different shades of brown range. A clear example of this is seen in the great living room, which was decorated some wood accents and some walls painted to match.

Modern Interior Decorating

But if modern environments speak, the room and the bathroom is generously sized carry all eyes. In the modern double bedroom, We can find a bed of black, it stands above the abundant white was chosen both for walls and floors. If we go to the bathroom, as we see in the picture below, we note that also predominantly white and has chosen a fine taps to accompany the modern interior design of this environment.

Modern Interior Decorating

Finally, the interior of the kitchen ,Faithful to the style of living, continues to colors in floors, walls and ceiling, but incorporates color and black wood accents to avoid overloading the design white.

Modern Interior Decorating
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