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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three luxurious and different bathroom

Photos of Bath

This time we focus on only one facet of the interior decorating, We are comparing three luxurious and very different toilets each with its own style, offering alternatives to our own designs.

As we see today use two toilets for each partner, which shows us how the interior design our service is providing alternatives to the trite theme of coexistence and who has priority when using the toilet.

Photos of Bath

Each has a special touch and include large windows overlooking the outdoor vegetation in the first, the purity of white walls as both the fine marble basin below. Ceramic magnificent contrast with the wood that seems to have brought into the forest environments, filling all the freshness and natural surroundings, and finally, the classic and never out of fashion contrast between black and white, always elegant and delicate. These designs simple, but at the same time full of luxury and life, delight us with new alternatives to old ideas about interior decoration.

For those who have not thought or left for the final toilet decor ,Do not forget that is a more of our home and go design it worth the freshness and modernity of our times.

Photos of Bath
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