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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to improve the style of your curtains?

How to improve the style of your curtains
How many times you find yourself looking out the window? If this happens to you can also understand the importance of window treatments. I could really do wonders for the look of a room.

These are small pieces of cloth hanging over the top of the window thus adding softness to the look, not to mention the color and patterns. The role of the flaps is purely decorative and all you have to do is add a piece of fabric to a pair of rods with clips.


Probably this type of window treatment is easier to add to a room that the borders. This is because all you have to do is place a piece of fabric over a wood or a bar that can be found at the corner of the window. In the end, the spoils functions as a border, but adds color and softness to the room.

Balloon shades

When looking for a romantic touch to the room, nothing beats the tone of the globe. Are cascaded with scallops which folds on the bottom. The best of the shadow is that it can move both vertically and horizontally, and usually no need fabric that is twice the width of the window.

Roman shades

In case you do not want any type of tissue that hangs around, this is the look to go. When closed, has a piece of fabric and when he got up there cascades of horizontal folds. The mobility of shadows is given by the rings of the back of the fabric. You may also have some puffy folds.


Is a species of wood valance which is a piece of wood width mounted on the window and that are usually covered with wallpaper or some type of material.

This could be used alone or may be accompanied by other treatment such as a cloth screen or some kind of curtain to make hard lines softer appearance.
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