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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Modern interior design and luxurious decoration

Modern Decorating

Dear lovers designand modern interior. Today we meet again to present a residence that is characterized by a combination of luxury and elegance in every detail interior design.

As we see in the photographs prevail spacious rooms, the variety of furniture and interior decoration original. The ceilings are high and the colors are harmonious and elegant.

In the first of the images have a top view of the room that allows us to gauge the height of the ceilings and the vastness of space, which provide comfort and light to the rooms. We see that this reception room is next to the kitchen and the front door and we see a second door that leads to a more private living in this beautiful residence. It highlights the interior design wide range of environments and a huge set of chairs in gray, a color commonly used, especially in contrast with colored cushions, vibrant or pastel colors that give warmth to the decoration.

Then we have a powerful toilet, where flower arrangements are highly relevant, provide freshness, fragrance and are an important object of interior decoration which contrasts with the white furniture and siding. It highlights the design elegant spa, with stairs and porcelain floors, which make this area an ideal place to relax.

Modern Decorating

And finally a very luxurious kitchen ,With embedded aluminum furniture, variety of utensils kitchen and again the floral arrangements that bring freshness and nature of outdoor decorating and interior design.

Modern Decorating
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