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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Interior decorating between classic and modern

Interior Design

Dear readers and lovers interior photos ,Today we present a set of environments that have a decoration quite particular. These spacious rooms that fail to define your style decoration ,But even so, provide an attractive and pleasant result.

Interior Design

If we analyze the images, see for example, wood floors in the living room, giving the appearance of an older home, something we have not seen in our input room decor. But the mix of classic chairs, modern lamps and decorative accessories that come out of the ordinary, make this interior design looks wonderful.

Many of the walls of the housing, have even been coated timber to simulate the continuity of the floor thereon. This detail in interior decoration ,Adds an incredible dynamic environments, making them appear to be larger than they are.

Interior Design

Something strange that we also see in these interior photos, Is the combination of wood furniture and accessories of metal, in many cases, even chrome. Without seeing the pictures, certainly not accept the idea of ​​combining these two types of materials, but after seeing the results, we must say that has not been a bad choice for decoration.

Interior Design
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