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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bright interior design and modern architecture

Modern Interior Design

Dear lovers modern design and interior decoration. Today we present a beautiful residence that is characterized by its contemporary architecture and brightness of their environments.

As we see in the pictures, the rooms are not divided, have large areas, are high and have a beautiful view and natural lighting through large windows. It highlights the architecture of the wooden ceilings with iron frame where the lights are hung, in combination with the same structure of the windows. The environments have a modern design and are very comfortable for its residents.

The dining room has a wooden table and chairs brown leather very delicate and comfortable. It features a beautiful floral arrangement on the table as a single object decoration.

Modern Interior Design

Then there is the kitchen with a breakfast nook furniture with cushions Rinconeros brown cloth with matching dining chairs. It also emphasizes the modern design of red banquettes widely used in the modern interior.

Modern Interior Design

The living room stands the beautiful view of a sunset and the scenery through the large windows and a delicate white chairs set very comfortable and stylish. The floors are ceramic and dark gray are the same as those used in every room of the house.

Finally we have an elegant library with design characterized by the presence of a set of brown leather chairs, the same architecture of the roof as the rest of the residence, lots of shelves with books and finally a modern television that makes this study a recreation room and tranquility.

A beautiful contemporary architecture and a Interior decorating to imitate to personalize our homes.

Modern Interior Design
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