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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interior decorating with red and white

Interior Design

Dear lovers interior design modern ,Today we meet again to present a interior decoration unique combination of red and white and is known for its elegance and good taste.

As we see in the pictures, we have a living-dining-kitchen that lacks large areas but has a large design and a provision allowing gain comfort in the environment.

Interior Design

The wood roof and floor shines with brilliance and elegance, spot lights throughout the house provide light and warmth to each room and finally, the combination of red and white gives this unique style to this interior design.

As we can see the furniture in the kitchen and bathroom are the same style and that is a characteristic feature of the entire residence. As mentioned above also roofs, floors and lighting remain the same characteristics in all environments and that shows a great love of interior decoration.

Interior Design

On the other hand, the bathroom has a very thin partition separating the shower from the rest of the toilet and a large mirror on a delicate piece of furniture that holds two sinks.

Finally include the interior design the bedroom, with a very comfortable mattress, a blanket white and black on white sheets and detail of the cushions in different textures and colors that do not want this bed destender by design, neatness and elegance.

Interior Design
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