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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interior decorating with dark colors

Dark Interior Decoration

Dear readers, today we bring you one of those Interior designs that are so striking. We have seen previously a model of Modern interior decoration and colorful ,Today we bring you the flipside of that proposal.

In the Interior photos that we present today, we can appreciate how the Color black light colors dominates in this luxurious home. This is something we are not really used to seeing on our blog and really draw much attention. It is very common to use dark floors inside the house, much less see it accompanied by matching furniture.

Dark Interior Decoration

The interior design This modern house is something special. We can see how it has played with some reddish colored objects ,As the big picture of the room, or the white, as the modern chairs the dining room. They all look startled in decoration of these luxurious but bizarre environments.

Dark Interior Decoration

At times you may feel a dark environment, Mystic, but this housing is beautiful lots of windows. The use of which has been key to interior design does not happen to be rejected by all those who visit or live in this magnificent home. Let in light, in environments decorated with dark colors, Is a key point to achieve the necessary balance.

Dark Interior Decoration
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