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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tips for decorating a creative studio

If you explore your artistic side often and create artistic pieces or utility, then you are aware of the importance of providing a place to work with complete comfort, where all the tools you use to work are at your disposal. Whether you paint, make sculptures or simply Crafts for your enjoyment, we will give you some tips decoration a space for your creative studio.

Tips for decorating a creative studio

Lots of light: If you are trying to decide what area of ​​your home you devote to your study, I recommend the place to be in the best light. The light is very important, especially if you work with painting, photography and sewing. If you can not afford a large window, then white light lamps installed to improve your vision.

Tips for decorating a creative studio

Use bright colors and neutrales: fades the dark and light neutral colors that reflect light, especially if you do not have natural lighting. These colors reflect light, eliminating distracting shadows. similarly, the white walls are a beautiful canvas for lighting accessories and decorative pieces you've created.

Tips for decorating a creative studio

Looking for flexible work surfaces: when choosing the furniture, think about pieces that are versatile. Long, flat tables can be used to work with your laptop, to sew and as support to shape, paint and create what you need. If you have a small space, then this area is essential. Keep it clear and clean, to improve the appearance of the site. Find furniture that can easily move with wheels and are multifunctional. 

Tips for decorating a creative studio

Storage spaces: looking for a chest of drawers, shelves, racks, boxes, baskets, anything to help you keep your space tidy and free of materials not in use. The order is important for a productive day.

Make it yours: Do not forget to decorate with pieces you've created, collectibles or anything that makes you embezzle space. This is a site dedicated to creativity, and this will flow easily if you have decorative objects that inspire you.
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