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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Interior decoration with modern wall wallpapers

Modern wallpaper

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some examples of interior decorating with modern wallpaper, An accessory from classic decor is the protagonist of design and brings innovative ideas to customize our environments.

In the first of the images we have a beautiful white staircase, perhaps unexpected, the decoration of its steps provides a flower wallpaper black and white giving a completely new style. An original idea and very useful for decorating the stairs of our home.

Modern wallpaper

Secondly we have a bathroom, an environment where also the use of wallpaper not common, but gives a design and distinguished himself in this space. It highlights a beautiful violet flowers on a white background, color scheme you have in the other bathroom fixtures and furniture. No doubt a Original interior and refined.

Modern wallpaper

Then we find a girl's room, romantic and delicate, with the use of Striped wallpaper ,Very common in modern interior. As we can see, no longer uses a combination of prints and stripes have the same environment, flowers, checks and contrasting colors, giving life and originality design.

In the next picture, we have a kitchen with white furnishings and fruits and vegetables as objects decoration. It also highlights a delicate flower wallpaper smaller than this given finesse design.

Modern wallpaper

Finally a game room where bright colors are a must, the contrasts and cheerful design and natural. It highlights the intense green paint on the walls and a flower wallpaper large and colorful giving life to the interior decoration this space.

For those who are in search of the interior decoration of children's bedrooms, we invite you to see our entry on wallpaper for kids bedroom walls.

Modern wallpaper
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