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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Interior decorating in red color

Red Interior Decorating

Dear lovers modern interior. Today we meet again to present innovative ideas on environment design using vivid, passionate and romantic, as are the colors of the red range.

First we have a living room with cream-colored chairs blend perfectly with the red cushions and wall decals. Details are highlighted in red as the carpet, paint part of the roof, a sidewalk and a hanging ornament very modern. As we can see the red goes well with white and black and the colors of choice for interior decoration of this style.

Then we have a kitchen, with cabinets in red and shiny. This color has gained ground in the modern design and contrasts elegantly with white and aluminum kitchen cabinets.

Red Interior Decorating

Thirdly we have a bedroom with delicate linens burgundy, a color full of passion and romance, perfect for a modern room. The same color is highlighted in one of the walls and again combined with black, white, adding further, this time, the brown color of the decorative pillows.

Red Interior Decorating

In the next picture, we have a dining room contrasts the red carpet circles a very innovative with bright white furniture and ceramics. It highlights the design a wall painted the same color, which are usually placed on tables in sepia, black and white or contrasting color with deep red walls.

Red Interior Decorating

Finally we have an environment where you may not have imagined a interior design redBut will that gives originality and elegance to the toilet the use of red passion contrasting with the white siding and furniture.

Definitely a delicacy that gives intense color, life and design to our homes.

Red Interior Decorating
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