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Monday, April 30, 2012

Decorating with clothes

decorating clothes

We have presented several options for decorate the nursery from painted walls, large murals, decals, fabric, curtains, colors and more colors to furniture recycling but this time we bring a different proposal, it is decorate with clothes.

They often do not know what else to add to our children's room we painted the wall and also paste some fun ways but we are not satisfied, this is the time where you can choose a Open furniture, Iff as you read, open, without doors, clear that some people have problems in many cities since the dust is very common so we need to have the clothes put away, but if you do not have that problem you can choose furniture like this, and of course the clothes will be part of the decoration because it has fun colors, it is something simple but it will give a special touch to the place.

Is a youthful idea and practice you can use it without spending more money.
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