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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Modern and art interior design

Interior Decorating of Modern Apartment

Dear readers and passionate about design and modern interior ,Today we bring you a set of environments that saved endless exquisite details in its decoration. This is a very modern and luxurious apartment in the exclusive city of Mumbai.

As you can see in the pictures, the excellent taste of who handled the interior design each of the environments that make up this luxurious home is seen in every corner. Expensive wooden furniture and glass, of great design, Make each of the sectors of this apartment, A unique and enjoyable.

Interior Decorating of Modern Apartment

The walls of the living room or living room are covered in fine wood, it blends perfectly with the furniture and floors, which makes a whole of each of the components of this modern interior design. A major carpet fabric fills the space of relaxation proposed by comfortable armchairs, certainly has nothing to envy to those already known cowhide.

Interior Decorating of Modern Apartment

The dining room displays modern and spacious. Geometric figures are present not only in the table and chairs, but also on the ceiling and lighting fixtures. It has been decided to give some color to the interior decoration this fantastic environment by using small, unobtrusive pictures.

Finally we have the bedroom, like something out of a movie is undoubtedly one of the interior design of modern bedroom most spectacular we've seen. We see a beautiful bedModern and turn easily. Perhaps this is the environment that has the interior design less burdened with all the apartment. Simple and welcoming, all that is required to rest quietly.

Interior Decorating of Modern Apartment
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