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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Modern interior design with large windows

Modern Interiors

Dear readers, today we present a new copy of modern interior design noted for the usencia walls and large windows that allow contact with nature without losing privacy, given the location of residence in this arid and lonely place full of peace and tranquility.

As we see in the photographs, the toilet has a classic decor, With gray, ceramic simple and a large mirror. This environment has no major objects decoration.

Then there is the kitchen, living room separated from the original way by a series of blocks forming a wall that does not reach the ends and at the same time own a home with access to both sides, paintings and objects interior decoration. A very original idea to delineate environments.

Modern Interiors

The living room has modern furniture. Presents a decoration very elegant, black leather chairs very comfortable and other delicate gray cloth.

Modern Interiors

Finally the bedroom, it has no decoration very prominent, but we see a very modern striped wallpaper in the same color as the rest of interior design. A decoration very smooth, comfortable and modern.

Modern Interiors
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