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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bathrooms with glass walls

It is quite common to find in the existing homes a dip in the master bedroom. So, our guests enjoy a shower while we have the privacy of a bathroom in our bedroom.

The truth is that this trend has led to solutions quite striking. And in this desire to unify the two private spaces of the house, the use of glass walls constantly being increasingly used.

No one can deny the kind that transmit these walls or glass walls, either in a particular part or all of the bath. It is also a very good solution for bringing light to these toilets often give the interior of buildings.

Furthermore, the walls of crystals used in the bath room multiply our space to the human eye. Finding no physical borders, our eyes perceive a more broadly the entire room.

You can also choose to place some kind of curtain that can be withdrawn at will to avoid taking privacy to stay bath.

Obviously everything has a but, and perhaps this is the constant cleaning of the crystals. Many may think that it is not difficult. No, clear glass is not difficult, but 3 or 4 glass walls from floor to ceiling may be a little more complicated. Of course, the result is worth it.
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