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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Decoration and interior design oriental

Decoracion Diseño Oriental

Today we meet again to present ideas Oriental decor, A form of interior design has been found since the last boom years and that fills us with peace and harmony Oriental Culture.

As we see in the pictures, is very common to find that skim the floor furniture to maintain that contact with the earth fill us with its freshness and wisdom. Both the bedroom and in the dining room or living room furniture rely directly on the ground. We can find tables of this type or that these characteristics are provided in place of chairs used to sit on cushions or chairs without legs but with support.

Decoracion Diseño Oriental

The Oriental design is very original, bringing new and innovative modern ideas, but always retains its traditional culture and interior decoration.

We see that the colors used in the Oriental design are very natural, like greens, browns, oranges, and also used the classic colors like white or black.
Do not use too many decorative objects and those used are very conservative and highlight the Oriental Culture and traditions.

The Oriental decor brings, without doubt, very innovative ideas to implement with our own Interior designs.

Decoracion Diseño Oriental

Decoracion Diseño Oriental
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