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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Private modern interior design

Modern Interior Design

Dear lovers modern design and interior decoration. Today we meet again to present a beautiful home full of wide open spaces, light and mainly modern trends and elegant.

As we see in the photographs, the living is a very bright, has large windows and a bright porcelain floors. Highlighted in the design ,The material of the chairs and earth colors: gray, brown and beige, which provide warmth to the interiors.

Modern Interior Design

Then there is the dining room with a beautiful glass table, white chairs very comfortable, modern and green floral arrangement to match the rest of the colors of the house, typical of the landscapes that nature gives us.

A large bedroom with a interior design very modern and stylish stands out as one of the rooms of the residence. A bed covered in leather, floating floors and a mini private living are some of the objects that characterize the interior decoration of this environment.

Modern Interior Design

Finally a very luxurious and modern kitchen, With no wood in the furniture, Which allows embedded spaces, and gain comfort. With a huge central counter continues with breakfast bar and modern black stools, this environment has a innovative design that mimic our own interior decoration.

Modern Interior Design
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