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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Interior decoration of exotic bathrooms

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Dear readers, today we meet again to present some exotic designs of modern bathrooms.

In the first of the photographs have a toilette of original design, Spacious, which is decorated with coverings and accessories that allow us to place ourselves in a submarine ocean voyage. The small, circular windows, the carpet of waves in different shades of blue and the center tub tiles coated in the same range of colors, capture our attention and surprise us with great originality and design.

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Secondly we have a small room decorated in a manner that does not seem a bath ,Without ceramic floors but with wood, tall windows and curtains on the floor, with a bathtub floor and flush with plants and stones as objects of decoration. Colors are used orange, yellow and red, giving light and style to this interior design.

Modern bathrooms and Exotic

Third, unlike the decoration above with the colors of the sun, we present a toilette distinguished by their winter design, Wood furniture combined with white, very modern double sinks and a few unfurnished associated objects decoration. The snowy landscape of the exterior is an element of the interior design This toilet, modern and very original.

In the next picture we bring you a exotic bath full of elegance and old design. On rustic wood floors, elaborate furnishings in cream, a white carpet of feathers and a bath Classic surrounded by curtains of tulle, delicate and extravagant.

Old Bath

Finally a modern design, With large spaces and amenities. With only one toilet on a simple wooden counter held to the wall, a few objects decoration and some delicate wood floors, this toilette is known for its glass walls and the inclusion of a tub in a ceramic structure in gray lead, which is continuous with a luxurious pool outdoors. An original idea and unique for a interior design dazzling.

Modern bathrooms and Exotic
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