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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Modern designs combined with the rustic decor of wood and stones

Interior Decoration Stone

Today we met again to witness together an icon interior design.

With modern aspects, like the simple white chairs, kitchen recessed aluminum that provides space and comfort, toilets very spacious and warm lighting in spots. This residence can go on a interior decoration rustic, with wooden dining table and stone walls, present in all environments as main accessory interior design.

It has large windows, like most modern environments we have been seeing, but it has the warmth of the spot lights that provide elegance to lighting and interior decoration.

Interior Decoration Stone

The centerpieces natural, offers the freshness of the vegetation that do not provide the large windows, which are absent in this case.

A classic bedroom with pillows in different colors, the warmth of wood and stone walls, giving that distinctive and unique to design of the room. With a modern black chair at the foot of the bed, where you can sit back and read a book or simply change our shoes.

Is a interior decoration innovation for which we have seen, but certainly a good alternative to our own designs.

Interior Decoration Stone
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