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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tips for harness small spaces

Harnessing Small Spaces

Dear readers and lovers interior decoration ,Today we bring you five valuable and innovative tips to take advantage of small spaces. We realize that not all followers of our blog have large rooms or rooms to decorate, which is why today we decided to dedicate our entry to all who seek squeeze the most space your apartment or small house.

In the first image we encounter one of the Interior designs to children's bedrooms or a teenager, most innovative we've seen. This is a room for a child who has the property of take advantage of small spaces. A bed in a second level together with a sort of terrace or deck support work for the desktop and your computer. Below, we can find a convenient closet and wardrobe. Undoubtedly this decorated and arrangement, saves a lot of space Could say that up to fifty percent, and simulating a two-level bedroom.

Harnessing Small Spaces

If take advantage of small spaces concerned, the modern shelves embedded in the wall are an excellent tool. We can see how to occupy a space saving wall racks decorative items, Electronics and accessories. And, in turn, enrich interior design.

Harnessing Small Spaces

In the third image we try to show how the combination of colors can attach environments so different in places where it is necessary take advantage of small spaces. As we can see the kitchen in shades of green, is not opposed to the proposal both when we decided to use that tone fabrics to accompany the living room sofa. This decorated, Could be applied safely to almost any bed-sitter. The important thing to consider, as you can imagine, is not out of the palette of colors that have defined at first.

Harnessing Small Spaces

The fourth picture shows a very small apartment in which, exploit the spaces Was something very much needed. We can see how it has been maximized to the fireplace space to hold a TV tube. Also noteworthy is the ladder that was placed to reach a mezzanine. The mezzanines are an excellent alternative to save on space, either for storage or to create a small room.

Finally we present one of the most innovative desktop designs we've seen on the blog. As you can see, the use of small spaces is optimal, we may use as a shelf level, while in the gap created by the same, a person can sit comfortably.

We hope these tips for making small spaces to be a help. Surely come back to this soon!

Harnessing Small Spaces

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