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Friday, July 6, 2012

Interior design in luxury bedrooms

Luxury Bedroom

Dear Readers, today we meet again to present a series of copies of luxury bedrooms With warm interior, Modern and very distinguished.

In the first of the photographs, we have a beautiful luxury bedroom ,Decorated in shades of gray, laminated wood floors and connected directly with a private study. Of Classic Design but with innovative trends as the padded back of the bed and bedside tables as part of the same structure, this bedroom stands out for its elegance and comfort.

Luxury Bedroom

Secondly we present a contemporary design in a luxury bedroom and some medieval details. Rustic walls and antique finishes, this bedroom enhances its elegance and romantic design, With a beautiful modern bed and a chair to match, with the same design.

In the next picture we have a elegant bedroom medium in size, of Classic Design, Laminate and modern furniture. Its interior decoration is simple but warm and uses different shades of brown to win delicacy and good taste.

Luxury Bedroom

In the next picture we find a minimalist design of oriental. With a bed at ground level but on a tiered structure, with lights and a modern architecture very innovative and a wooden frame on the wall, with reliefs also illuminated in a delicate and bold, this bedroom we love and invites us to rediscover the design and interior decoration.

Luxury Bedroom

Finally we have a luxury bedroom, Elegant, distinguished and other delicate. With its natural colors, clear, the range of browns always warm and harmonious. With a column and white wood paneling, structured, elaborate designs and Classic. It also highlights the use of very bright pictures and large on the walls, carpet and a huge bed of dreams and ideals to complete this interior of dormitories warm and perfect.

Luxury Bedroom

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