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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Open your home to light this summer

A mild winter in most parts of the nation has left many people surprised that spring is indeed in the air. Even if you have not had any snow this winter or as needed for warmth against a biting wind, the calendar tells us that cold weather is in our rearview mirror and the warmth of spring is at hand.

The approach of warm weather means different things to different people. For some, it's time to start stocking up on the latest summer fashion. For others, it may offer an opportunity to clean the house, the plan for the July holidays, or start exploring the tickets to a baseball game. And for those of us who are constantly looking to design and redesign our homes, the arrival of summer is a great opportunity to change our inner dynamics - from which you feel cozy and warm in the winter to one that openly embraces the world outside once warm weather arrives.

The opening of the summer home ultimately comes down to a matter of light. Generally, a home that allows large amounts of light is one that can cover the summer in more detail from the perspective of the feel and design. Here, then, are some tips for opening your home and welcome to light in this season of spring:
  • Clean the windows. Heavy curtains can fit well with the decor inside, but many also serve to block some of the light entering your home - even when open. Removing and replacing them with blinds cellular blinds can help keep up appearances while ensuring more light.
  • Go outdoors. Achieving greater use of their front or backyard can have the effect of opening the doors and windows, move people seamlessly between outside and inside, and carrying larger quantities of light - both real and perceived. Adding porch chairs and desk space is always a good way to make this happen.
  • Put in a new coat of paint. The walls lighter colors reflect light and give the impression of the rooms brighter and more spacious. If your home currently has dark interiors, especially in common areas, a new paint job may be all you need to make the most light to use this summer.
  • Renovating and remodeling. Of course, there are many approaches that can provide larger more light in your home. For example, you can replace the glass walls, larger windows, skylights add your attic and down to create higher rooms. All these approaches are effective but are expensive.
While sitting inside during warm weather months is usually no substitute for going out, we can certainly still look to mix the two landscapes to make our homes more and brighter light this summer.
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